My Approach

Astrology has a myriad of applications. My approach is centered on the individual, and greatly inspired by evolutionary astrology: nothing is static, energy is constantly moving and evolving. Astrological symbols point to archetypes, and each represents a spectrum of possibilities. They point to processes, and life lessons that we are learning to help us grow.

Astrology is empowering. You will never hear me say definite things like “you’re a Gemini, so you talk too much”. Instead, you may hear me say “you have some Gemini energy, and so learning to communicate is one of your challenges. This involves learning to express your thoughts in a way that is understandable by others, as well as learning to listen intently.”

Who I am

My name is Agathe, I grew up in the French Alps, in the valley of Chamonix. I have always felt the challenge to outgrow my shell, and lived in several European countries. Career wise, I have worked 10 years in the finance departments of big corporations, and most recently was CFO for a start-up. I had the big career I had been told was the mark of a successful life, but I felt empty inside. Perusing budgets, contracts, risk assessments, and terms & conditions started feeling to me like putting clear energy into an outdated system. And so after some soul searching, I decided to follow my enthusiasm where it would take me, and founded Astro Logics. 


Astrology helped me more than I can say: after my first birth chart reading, I felt seen and understood at a deep level. I used to feel isolated in a cold scary world, but realised the warm embrace of the Universe had been surrounding me since my birth. Astrology helped me fall in love with myself and with everyone else. My ambition is to now give back, and help you shine the light of consciousness on the energies at play in your life, empowering you to make the best decisions for yourself. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Based on your date of birth, time of birth, and birth place, I can get a map of the sky at the moment you were born. The position of the planets on this map gives us information about the energies at play in your life: the overarching theme(s), the lessons you are here to learn, the wounds you can heal, and the tools at your disposal to do so… I see my work as that of a translator, helping you decode the data in your birth chart into information you can actually use.  

This is a question I often get, because most of us assume our birth time is random. But I believe the Universe is not random. Nikola Tesla famously said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” The Universe is energy, and energy vibrates. Like attracts like, and so you incarnated at the moment of time that resonated most with you. That is why your birth time can give us so much information about your personality.
(Be aware that I have condensed 3 years of soul searching into 5 sentences, so this is an explanation served in the proverbial nutshell! Please don’t take my word for it, and make your own explorations.)

No, they don’t. Richard Tarnas explained it brilliantly in his book, Cosmos & Psyche: “[…] the planets do not “cause” specific events any more than the hands on a clock “cause” a specific time. Rather, the planetary dispositions are indicative of the cosmic state of archetypal dynamics at that time.”
In other words, Venus doesn’t make you fall in love. Love energy circulates through you and Venus both. It is just easier to observe Venus’ movements than the currents of love energy within you. As above, so below: by observing the movements of the planets, we can deduct what is at play in your life.


A few ground principles

  • Astrology is a language. As astrologer, I will never take free will and personal responsibility away from you. The energies are there but you are free to navigate them as you wish. Of course, if you are aware of the energies at play, you can navigate them more consciously, and empowering you to do so is my goal. 
  • I cannot, and will not, give you medical, psychological, or financial advice. I will not make decisions for you. And please, if anything I say doesn’t resonate with you, drop it. 
  • What I will do is listen to you, ask you questions, and help you consider how you can best navigate the energies in your life. I will help direct your attention to your blind spots, behavioural patterns you may never have consciously noticed before. And I may suggest ways you can explore the road before you. In the end, you are the driver. I’m the person on the side of the road that you ask for directions before continuing on your way.