An astrological reading: what is it, and what are the benefits?

Since I started my astrology practice, I often get two questions:

  • What are you doing exactly?
  • How can it help me?

Two legitimate questions, as most of us tend to associate astrology with the daily horoscope in the newspaper or on the radio.

What is it?
In astrology, the most classic experience is the birth chart reading. Based on your birth date, birth time, and birth place, I draw a map of the sky at the moment of your birth: this is your birth chart.
When I analyze it, I get information about the unresolved karma you need to heal, the lessons you are challenged to learn, the missions you are on, and the resources available to you.  

What are the benefits of a birth chart reading?

  • Arming you with awareness.
    The energies in your life are expressing, whether you know it or not. If you’re aware of them, you can get in the pilot seat and navigate them consciously, to make informed personal decisions.
  • Bringing light to your blind spots.
    Most self-discovery methods (personality tests, psychotherapy, etc.) start from the same point: what you think about yourself. Not so with astrology. I don’t ask you anything except your birth information. So if you have any blind spots, or prejudice against yourself, I have a good chance to catch them.
  • Bringing new impulse to your introspection.
    After years of getting to know yourself, you may have gotten stuck in a rut, always rehashing the same issues, the same thoughts. A birth chart review can help you see things from a new perspective.

Bonus question: Do you need to believe in astrology to benefit from a birth chart reading?

Actually most people I work with are not certain astrology “works”. They’re not sure they believe in all that planet stuff. But all of them have 3 things in common: open-mindedness, a willingness to be surprised, and most of all, a thirst for self-knowledge.  

Here is what one of my clients had to say after her birth chart reading:
“If you’re looking for an astonishing experience I cannot recommend highly enough an astrology reading from Agathe. The session was very insightful, detailed and fun. She provided some very specific information about some central areas of my life. She accurately  identified tensions and challenges and also highlighted my resources from which to draw strength. Agathe strikes an excellent balance and manages both to be meticulous and detailed whilst also kind, light-hearted and completely non-judgmental. I really loved our session and I enjoy going back time and again to re-read and pick up new points in the personalized report.” 

For more testimonials and information, have a look at my website: astro-logics.com

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