What is the Ascendant in astrology?

“Ascendant” is a word we hear a lot in astrology. We say things like “I’m a Leo, ascendant Libra”, or “I’m a Virgo, with Cancer rising”. But what does it mean exactly   Technically, the Ascendant is the astrological sign that was rising on the Eastern horizon at the moment of your birth. The sky […]

How astrology can help you navigate relationships

Astrology is extraordinarily versatile, it can help us with an array of topics, from determining the best time to sign a business contract to finding our wallet! The type of astrology that excites me most, and that I specialize in, is evolutionary astrology. I love helping people put a name to that feeling that has […]

NEW – Astrology courses!

Most people I talk to are intrigued by astrology, but slightly confused. What is it exactly? How does it work? How can it help me concretely in my life?   Some are very curious and have been wanting to learn more about it. But there is so much information out there, they don’t know where […]

Comfort zone vs Growth zone – An astrological case study

Most of my life, I’ve been torn between two opposites:   Compromise, negotiation, being other-oriented on the one hand; Assertiveness, standing up for myself, being self-oriented on the other hand. It has been quite a challenge to navigate these two opposite energies on a daily basis. Every time I stand up for myself and go […]

Why I was advised to lie about my work

I have just started my new business as an astrologer. And here is the advice I got from a few well-meaning acquaintances: “Don’t say you’re doing astrology, you’re going to scare people away. Say you’re doing coaching, it’s more comforting.”   I understand why I got that advice, I really do. There have been quite […]

Help, I don’t recognize myself in my astrological sign!

Let’s imagine you were born on March 31st, and “you are an Aries”. Someone tells you that Aries people are reckless, easily bored, competitive, and quick to anger. And maybe you think “hey, that’s not me at all!” and you conclude that astrology just doesn’t work. You’re not alone there, I also don’t recognize myself […]

An astrological reading: what is it, and what are the benefits?

Since I started my astrology practice, I often get two questions: What are you doing exactly? How can it help me? Two legitimate questions, as most of us tend to associate astrology with the daily horoscope in the newspaper or on the radio. What is it?In astrology, the most classic experience is the birth chart […]