How astrology can help you navigate relationships

Astrology is extraordinarily versatile, it can help us with an array of topics, from determining the best time to sign a business contract to finding our wallet! The type of astrology that excites me most, and that I specialize in, is evolutionary astrology. I love helping people put a name to that feeling that has been nagging at them their entire life. Evolutionary astrology is ideal for individual soul-searching, and for navigating our most important relationships in life.


What information can I get on your relationship with astrology?


  • Personality clashes, similarities, complementarities
    By looking at both birth charts, I see what energies are at play in each of you. For example, do you have your Moon in Aries and your partner their Moon in Libra? These two energies are opposites, so you have the potential to balance each other out nicely. And to drive each other crazy! You could be frustrated at your partner’s indecision, while they may be exasperated at your tendency to rush into action without considering the impact of your decisions on other people…

  • Communication
    I can see how each of you prefers to communicate, and how you can keep the dialogue going in daily life, and in times of conflict.

  • Areas of life stimulated by the relationship
    Our partners influence us: we could be a homebody, wondering if we really need to make that trip to the supermarket. But a new friend comes into our life, and off we are on a road trip around the US with them! Astrology can help identify which areas of your life are stimulated by your partner: will they encourage you to go out and party? To start a family? To explore your inner psyche?

  • The needs of the relationship as a separate entity
    I can also look at the couple or the relationship as a separate entity, with its own challenges and needs. How can you keep the relationship alive? What are your blindspots? In which direction is your growth as a couple? All this can be analyzed by using what we call a “composite chart”.

  • Past life karma
    If you are so inclined, I can also look into your past life karma. Maybe you were in a position of authority over your partner in a prior life, and so you still have the instinct to boss them around. Or they stole money from you, and you hesitate to lend them your credit card to go do the groceries. We have developed habits in our past lives, some of which are outdated and ready to be released.


If you would like to explore these topics with a significant other in your life, I am now doing duo sessions: whether you’re struggling in a relationship and would like more insights, or are in a great relationship which you are interested in exploring further, this is a fun and mind-expanding experience! You can do it with your significant other, your mother, your father, your siblings, your business partner or your best friend…


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